virtual tours

Benefits of Virtual Tours to Attract Real Estate Buyers

Benefits of Virtual Tours to Attract Real Estate Buyers When prospective real estate buyers search for their next home online, they often rely heavily on the images they see to determine their level of interest. Does the home meet their needs? Is the condition aligned with their expectations? While a […]

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tips for better videos

Simple Tips for Making Your Videos Look Semi-Professional

A professional look is more about your technique than your tools, so you don’t need to drop a fortune on expensive equipment – chances are good that you can make great videos with whatever you’ve got right now, just by paying attention to a few key details. We’ve seen some […]

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drone video

Benefits of Drone Video for Marketing A Business

The Benefits of Using Drone Video for Your Next Marketing Campaign A strong marketing campaign inspires excitement about your business. You want a tool that gets potential customers to pay attention. Marketing with video offers a way to highlight both your business and creativity. Our Maine video production company works […]

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business videos

How to Use Video To Market a Small Business

Use Video To Market a Small Business As a small business owner, you should follow these video marketing tips. Write a script You turn on the camera and do not know want to say. You quickly think of something, but it does not sound eloquent. You pause after using numerous […]

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Video Marketing Trends

Video Marketing Trends for 2021/2022

Video marketing trends evolve from 30-second ads and viral videos to vlogs and live videos. New technologies have paved the way for more engaging video formats such as 360-degree experiences, ephemeral videos, and sharable videos. How can your business or industry incorporate these new video marketing tactics into your current […]

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The Different Types Of Video Production

Breaking Down The Different Types Of Video Production Video production can be a broad term when considering all of the many ways one can execute the process. Video production is literally everywhere with execution on every level. From films and commercials to sports TV and live events, each type of […]

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Full Guide to Video on Social Media

Top Video Social Media Platforms in 2021 It’s true that by 2021, video will account for 80% of all web traffic. We’ll focus on the most popular, promising, and profitable ones in use today. While platforms like Facebook and YouTube continue to attract users in their hundreds of millions, there are […]

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Video on Social Media is What Users Want

Users Want Video on Social Media Media Northeast is a video production company based in Maine helping our clients plan video strategies across the various web and social media platforms. We create engaging, targeted, shareable content with our clients. Statistics show users want video. Statistics prove video production projects have a powerful effect on […]

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Video SEO

How Video Helps Your SEO or Search Rank

Video Helps Your SEO or Search Rank Video is quickly becoming one of the most important forms of content marketing, and its presence could help your optimization efforts on the web. Before we review how video can improve your organic search results, let’s first define SEO. SEO stands for search […]

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