Video production is one of the best creative jobs available today. Due to the rise of smartphones and social media, people look for the fastest, easiest, and most visually interesting way to consume information, and video content is the answer. Videography is becoming more and more popular in marketing as companies use video to showcase their brands, and commercial videography is the perfect intersection of business and artistry. You should know what your New England filmmaker does, what a production project entails, and what skills are needed to thrive in the field.

What Do Video Producers Do?

Video producers handle film production jobs from beginning to end. They work with businesses of all sizes and across all industries to advertise brands, showcase products, and tour commercial locations. Some producers work independently to handle projects, and others work in teams for larger ventures.

The following are just some of the many tasks that are involved with your Maine videography job:

  • Creating a script and storyboard for the video
  • Setting a budget, locating resources, and planning the logistics of the shoot
  • Hiring crew and talent for filming and editing the project
  • Recording and editing the video and sound elements of the project
  • Planning the launch of the video to optimize its performance

Producers may work closely with marketing experts as well. Once the video is complete, the goal is to get it seen by as many people as possible. The video could appear on the company’s website or social media profiles, or it may run as an ad on third-party platforms.

Experience and Qualifications

Successful video producers have a wide variety of technical and creative skills. Although there’s no specific educational requirement to enter the field, many producers have at least a bachelor’s level education. Formal education is a valuable way to hone your technical abilities and learn about all the aspects of filmmaking.

One of the most important skills film producers must have is the ability to operate camera and sound equipment. Although a typical production involves multiple crew members with different specialties, commercial video producers should be familiar with all aspects of production. Editing and post-production are necessary skills, too. Video producers should be skilled with Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, or other editing software.

Organizational skills are critical as well. There are many moving pieces involved in film production, so filmmakers must have strong attention to detail and the ability to stay on schedule.

Videography is a complex but rewarding field. Commercial filmmakers have a combination of technical and creative skills that help them put together engaging content for brands. With the right abilities and experience, film producers can have very successful and enjoyable careers.

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