Maine 360˚ Tours For Venues & Real Estate

Media Northeast offers 360˚ tours for all your venue and real estate needs. Perfect for vacation rentals, condos, real estate, construction, hotels. and commercial venues, or properties.

360° Interactive property tour of wedding and vacation venue, French's Point, in Midcoast, Maine.

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We estimate your 360˚tour property easily over the phone. We'll take your property's square footage and ask a few questions to determine exterior points to make the best tour. We'll schedule your on-location shoot when your property looks its best.

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Interactive Video Trends in 2020

The concept behind interactive videos is to increase engagement. Since there is a higher chance that people will finish watching a 360-degree video, these perform better than regular videos, and you’ll get a better return on your investment.

98% of people in the United States report that 360-degree videos are more engaging than traditional video formats, and this results in more engagement.

And up to 90% of people say content is more enjoyable when viewed with a 360-degree view. This means it should be no surprise that 360-degree videos result in a click-through rate eight times higher than that of videos in a more traditional format.

Last, 70% of marketers say interactive videos have had a positive impact on their businesses. Your prospects are 65% more likely to interact with a 360-degree video.

At Media Northeast, we offer 360-degree interactive tours and high-quality video production work. Our professional crew films throughout New England for all of your corporate marketing needs. Contact us to plan your next videography project.

360 venue property tours

Cliff cabin at Granite Ridge Estates atop the trees in Norway, Maine.

 Print Out Floor Plans With Dimensions For Clients

Exceptional Quality

With the Matterport camera system, Media Northeast creates floor plans for a property. Matterport is a three-dimensional camera system you can use to create realistic, fully immersive experiences. Our designers use this tool to capture imagery, collect measurements and process data to create, edit and share a 3D rendering of your location.

Amazing 360˚ Tours For Property

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