Questions to Ask Before Creating a Video

Whether you’re thinking of making a film or want to build a robust advertising campaign, video production is a lengthy process that requires some knowledge of what the process entails. By asking the right questions before you start creating a video, the video production process will be much more streamlined and efficient, which should save you both time and money. Here are six essential questions you should ask yourself before you begin the video production process.

What’s the Primary Purpose of Your Video?

It’s common for small businesses to request video production services from videographers without having a firm grasp of what they want the video to be. It’s not enough to request a video for a website or advertising campaign. Instead, it’s important to identify what your goals are for the video. Do you want the video to add a sense of professionalism to your brand or effectively market a product? Identifying a more specific purpose for your video makes it easier to measure results.

What Is Your Preferred Budget and Timeline?

If you hire our New England video production team, it’s highly recommended that you communicate your preferred budget and timeline, which will dictate how simplistic or complex the video can be. When it comes to videography, the aspect of production that plays the largest role in expenses is location shooting. If you require underwater footage or want to take a video atop a mountain, your costs will be higher.

Understanding what your budget is can help keep costs under control. As for the timeline, if you have a strict deadline for the video, make sure you mention this before production starts. If you don’t require a fast turnaround, the video editing and post-production processes could be given additional focus to ensure a more well-rounded video.

Who Does Your Target Audience Consist Of?

The most important aspect of creating a video is to make sure it resonates with your primary audience. However, you must first know who your audience is. Once you understand your audience, it’s possible to hone in on the right messaging, visuals, music selection, and editing for the video.

Is Your Video Part of Your Advertising Campaign?

Videos can be highly beneficial to any advertising campaign. If, however, you plan on using the video you produce as one small part of a larger initiative, it’s highly recommended that you provide your video team with these details. Our Maine videography team can use this information to create an expanded outline of your vision, which can then be translated into a more effective video.

How Do You Expect to Measure Results?

Do you want to drive sales, views, or donations? If you can identify which metric is important for success, the video strategy can reflect this metric and focus on obtaining the results you’re looking for. Keep in mind that every metric requires its own distinct strategy.

Where Should the Video Be Captured?

It’s important that you know where you want the video to be filmed, which can be practically any location you desire. From industrial facilities to outdoor parks, videos can be shot on location. When you’re searching for the right space for the video, make sure that you make noise and space into account. If there isn’t enough space for the video you want, changes may need to be made to accommodate the limited space.

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