Although New England is our primary region,
we also travel anywhere in the world.

Welcome to Media Northeast. Headed by Maine videographer Josh Swan, Media Northeast is a premier video production company based out of southern Maine. Since 2004, we have been helping clients create custom-made video products, corporate advertising materials to high end commercial work.

Our wide range of experience allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and aptitude to every project. No matter the size or scope, our cinematographers have the necessary skillsets to go above and beyond your expectations. That’s our goal; that’s our purpose: we deliver results that astonish as much as inspire.

handcrafted videos
Whether you’re looking for a commercial, a video to show your individual branding, a product training video or a company promotional segment, we will handcraft your video or film from the ground up using our talented team of professionals.
creative video production
You may have your own ideas for your next project where you just need to utilize our talented cinematographers and crew, or you may be starting from scratch with little to no idea of where to take it. Regardless, we are here to help. We can provide storyboarding services to build a story or idea for you, then bring it all the way to production and delivery. All without you breaking a sweat!
The company you hire should produce amazing imagery for you, but we also focus very highly on the experience we offer our clients. We provide a strong attention to detail, which means we listen to your needs, goals and ideas. We then come up with a production plan based on our communications with you so the finished product will exceed all your expectations.
up to date video equipment
We have all the tools of the trade. High end camera’s, Movi m5 camera stabilizer for smooth tracking shots, lighting kits, portable green screen kit, and full audio kit. We can flex our equipment kit and crew to fit any sized production. Whether it be a one person crew, or a crew of ten, we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


Windham Weaponry
Central Maine Power
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Small Business Administration
Rolls Royce Motor Cars
Double Blue
Suffolk Construction
Visual Workplace
Real World Marketing

Commercial Footage used on networks such as:



When you want to capture the scale of a scene, it’s all about taking a photo from way, way above. Unfortunately, not everyone has a hexacopter and a GoPro setup with which they can zoom off into the sky. But do you know who does? (Hint: it’s us.)

As a full-service company, Media Northeast offers a wide range of video production services. That being said, we are not a restaurant with a menu from which you can only order what is listed. No, we work with you to create custom solutions for your video production needs. This way, you walk away with a product that captures your image, personality, and intended message.

A saying that we live by is “hire a company not just for their cameras but hire them for their expertise, talent and creative.” Our style is in the cinematic/creative approach, to produce a film that is artistic and cinematic. Our filming, editing style and very unique equipment kit helps us achieve a look that is hard to find! Plus, our wedding videography packages come with a bunch of additions, like aerial videography, multiple end-product formats, and much more.


At Media Northeast, we create custom-made, handcrafted wedding films tailored to each individual client. We believe strongly that if we commit a lot of time on educating and pushing ourselves as cinematographers, we will continually grow and produce better films every year.
custom made wedding video company
One of a kind films are unique and inspiring, which is why we focus on custom-made, handcrafted wedding films tailored to each individual client.
handcrafted wedding video
We are constantly pushing ourselves as artists to deliver a product that is visually stunning and compelling.
artistic wedding videos
With our style focusing on the cinematic/creative approach, we want to produce a wedding film for you where we focus on capturing creative and amazing shots.
artistic wedding video
We film weddings with the same equipment that we use for high end commercial work and TV ads, to achieve the very best quality.
Our wide range of experience allows us to bring a wealth of knowledge and aptitude to every project.
Our cinematographers have the necessary skillsets to go above and beyond your expectations. That’s our goal; that’s our purpose: we deliver results that astonish as much as inspire.


Whether you’re a city in need of aerial photography for promotional material, a corporate company looking for aerial videography of their campus grounds – we’re here to capture shots from such great heights.
creative drone videos
If you’re looking for a creative element in your next project, aerial footage is a sure way to add the wow factor to impress your target audience.
unique aerial video footage
Make your video stand out with unique perspectives and angles.
unique aerial videos
Technology is moving at an ever increasing pace and with that, it allows us to do some pretty amazing things. Like capturing scenes from high above.
up to date aerial technology
Aerial video and photography is one of our specialties at Media Northeast, and our professional team eagerly awaits the opportunity to capture high altitude content.


Maine Aerial Photography 03

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