Here’s Why Every Maine Small Business Needs an Explainer Video

With more than 90% of today’s digital advertising experts utilizing visual communication strategies and over two billion monthly active users on YouTube in 2021, video marketing has become a necessary component of any strong business plan. Furthermore, studies consistently show that potential customers trust businesses that produce video content more than companies that rely exclusively on blog posts, print brochures, and other forms of written marketing. In summary, the trend is clear. If your business does not have at least one professional explainer video that describes the value of your core product or service, then your best prospects are probably going to look elsewhere.

The Structure of an Effective Explainer Video

The most effective explainer videos are typically under 120 seconds in length and manage to do all of the following for your audience:

  1. Introduce the problem that your product or service aims to solve. The introduction of a great explainer video not only calls out to your ideal customer, but it also actively filters out prospects who won’t be a good fit.
  2. Position your offering as a compelling solution.
  3. End with a call to action that tells the prospect where they can find more information about your company or what else they should do next if they are serious about becoming a customer.

Although the most effective tone and style of your explainer video will depend on your current brand identity and your target market, the basic format described above tends to work well in every industry. If your business has a brand identity that radiates a friendly and fun feel, then you may want to opt for a whiteboard-style explainer with lots of colorful animations and an upbeat narrator. On the other hand, a high-definition, documentary-style video snippet with classical music in the background may be more fitting for a high-end consulting firm that works primarily with white-collar professionals.

Finding the Best Maine Video Production Services for Your Small Business

To get the best results, you’ll want to make sure that the Maine videographer who films or designs your explainer video has a consistent track record of success. If your company has a large social media presence or is interested in developing one, then you’ll probably want to hire a video marketing professional who understands how to create viral content. New England videography services can vary a lot by quality, so it may take a bit of time to conduct the proper due diligence and find a Maine video production studio that aligns with your company values.

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