Maine real estate aerial drone videos

Why do you need a Maine Real Estate Video?

Why do you need a Maine Real Estate Video you may ask? Well first off, it will help set your listing apart from the thousands of others in the area. If you know how information is ingested by online users, you’ll probably notice that people want their information fast and […]

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Maine video professional

Creating a Maine Wedding film the artistic way

We want to provide you with a creative, story-driven wedding film anywhere in New England. We’re a company that focuses on creating a Maine wedding film to fit your individual style. We work closely with our couples to deliver a unique event film that is just for them. Some couples […]

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Maine social media videos

Video Content | southern Maine video production

Every video project is created with a unique combination of brand, purpose, and audience. Your video project should not lead to a one-size-fits-all result. Focusing your video direction on a single audience, platform and message will increase your impact. Let’s lead you to a higher ROI for your project. Know Your Audience Start […]

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Maine video planning

3 Tips for gathering a Maine Video production estimate

We know that the pricing part of gathering an estimate from a Maine video production company can be frustrating. There are a lot of unknowns that lead to confusion about cost and many clients just want a flat number they can work with. However, in order to get a very customized […]

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Maine corporate videography

How Much Will Professional Video Production Cost?

Like most in-depth projects, estimating the cost of video production can be a tricky thing. We get asked a lot about Maine video production cost, and many want the answer to be a flat rate. The reality is: every project is different. Here are some important ways to help you better understand what […]

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Maine videography

Boosting Your Video Content to the Next Level

Inbound marketing is dominating the marketing world and creating a good video using a Maine corporate video production company is a big part of that. You want your audience to know more about your brand and video content is an engaging way to do just that. While video makes a big […]

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