Live Streaming To Save Your Maine Event

Don’t cancel your Maine or New England event due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Keep your participants, students, or attendees healthy and happy by offering live streaming services instead. Media Northeast video production crews are here and ready to support your business save that critical date for those who can’t attend in person.

We live in an increasingly connected, global world. Businesses using live video are revolutionizing their communications strategy. Savvy companies are using online or live streaming video to engage employees as well as social media followers, prospects, and customers.

Go Virtual & Avoid Cancelling‎

Considerations: There are new ways to stream live video arriving on the market every day. Think about what kind of audience you are targeting and which execution is best for your company. Not sure? Contact us for help and guidance.

Media Northeast now offers both dedicated studio spaces for filming and/or on-site live streaming services for classes, presentations, workshops, etc. Everyone will be relieved to attend your event virtually. With a simple click of a direct link, attendees can still be right there with you.

No travel necessary.

Media Northeast can arrange everything for you. No need to buy into additional services or software. We have online streaming options that are right for you with flexible payments possible.

How To Plan A Virtual Event

A virtual event is simply an event that you can view on your laptop or mobile device via the Internet. With one or two exceptions, a virtual event and a live event are very similar — with the same kind of preparation, planning, and preproduction.

1. Don’t Panic

2. Stay Focused on the Audience

3. Less is More

4. Choose a Suitable Technical Supplier

How Corporations are Using Live Video to Grow and Adapt

Whether you’re beginning to explore your options or looking to optimize the way your company uses live video because of recent events, there are several live streaming use cases for professional organizations to consider.

Ready to take your event or presentation online and need help fast? We’re here and ready to help.

Please contact us to get started.