Media Northeast 2020 video production demo reel

Media Northeast 2020 video production demo reel

Media Northeast is super excited for you to see our updated video production demo reel. ( We share this with you here, on our Instagram TV (IGTV), our home page, and on our video production website page. )

Typically a demo reel, or work reel, is a short montage of clips that represent our best work. Think of it as a motion portfolio. And, we love our latest edit because it shows some of our most recent and exciting work from our amazing clients.

We commit to improving our craft. Demo reels are an excellent way to put our best foot forward to future corporate and commercial clients.

Some of our clients use their demo reels for their websites and social media.

Demo reels, also known in some circles as sizzle reels, showreels, media highlight reels, public relations videos, video pitches, electronic press kit videos, promo videos, or teasers, are 3-to-5-minute videos that combine visuals, audio and messaging to create a fast-paced, stylized overview of a product, service, initiative or brand.

These short videos can become a crucial part of any business’s B2B or B2C communications process and help convey key messages to consumers, clients, and other target audiences. Sizzle reels are often used for sales and marketing presentations, pitches, and website videos.

We love our latest demo reel. Want to love yours? Contact us to plan your next demo reel. We’ll help you plan it out from start to finish.