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The treehouse that @nelsontreehouse put Media Northeast up in to film @treehousepoint in Falls City, Washington

Traveling Throughout The US For Videography Work

We have a great time with our clients at Media Northeast. As professional videographers traveling with clients throughout the US, our team and crews need to be made up of individuals who work well together and get along well with our clients. Luckily, our crew and clients are amazing professionals, creatives, and people.

Take a look at the treehouse that Nelson Treehouse put Media Northeast up in to film TreeHouse Point in Falls City, Washington. (image above) How much fun is that? We love making travel plans that work for everyone and allow us to experience unique travel. Yes, please! Though located in the beautiful Northeast, Media Northeast travels throughout the US for work.

Travel Tips For Work During COVID

  • Wear your mask, carry plenty of hand sanitizer, plastic gloves, and napkins for protection.
  • Check for all TSA, WHO, and CDC COVID travel guideline pages and follow accordingly.
  • Check national and any state websites for any travel restrictions and follow accordingly.

    Media Northeast is committed to a safe and healthy workplace and travel for all.

Travel Tips & Ideas For Professional Videographers

  • Pickpockets and losing personal belongings unfortunately happens. Layout all the contents of your wallet on a photocopier or take a picture of the sides of all cards. Email it to yourself as a backup.
  • These small, lightweight cable locks are incredibly handy, not to mention inexpensive. You should always carry one to be able to quickly secure the zippers on your bags, then secure your bag to an immovable object for short times.
  • Prepare a ziplock bag with medications to cover general ailments. Imodium is essential. Get the biggest ziplock bags so you can use them to cover gear when caught in the rain.
  • Drink bottled water and eat food that is piping hot overseas. Pack a greens powder to cover all your nutritional bases in case of poor food selection.
  • If you’re really worried about your video gear being stolen whilst it’s on a strap on your body, attach a tripod plate to the base, then thread the retractable cable locks (from above) through it and your belt, or just anything that would prevent a pickpocket from slashing your strap and grabbing your camera.
  • One other way to prevent attention to your video gear is to try and make it look less valuable. You can try wrapping parts of your video body/lens clumsily with black gaffers tape, or covering logos where possible. 
  • If you simply have to check in your video gear, consider investing in a Tile Bluetooth Tracker to help track down your luggage should it go missing.

Have a videography project in the US and need a videography crew that travels? Contact Media Northeast to start planning your creative film today.