Media Northeast offers New England’s best video production services. We provide professional experts in filmmaking with the highest quality audio and visual equipment, including FAA licensed drones. For over a decade, we have served Maine with the highest quality and best professionals for commercial and corporate video production needs.

At Media Northeast, we say that we’re with you from start to finish. It’s our perfect planning that leads to a superior product. Let’s take a look at how Media Northeast breaks down the planning stage into eight bite-size parts to be 100% ready for on-location filming and focused on final editing.

Video Production Planning Phases | Our Process

Video pre-production phases include:

  • Video goals and strategy. 
  • Budget and scope.
  • Story selection.
  • Project timeline.
  • Script creation.
  • Talent and characters.
  • Determining the production team and equipment needs.
  • Location scouting.

Let’s discuss each of these planning items one by one.

Plan the goals and strategy for a video.

You should always know exactly where you want to go. You can’t hit a target if you don’t know where (or even who) that target exactly is. We’ll help you define your audience, focus the video goal, and align each part of the film and editing work toward that vision.

Decide the video budget and scope.

Media Northeast accomplishes amazing projects in a wide variety of budgets. With flexible payments available, it is easy to get the project of your dream made now. Or, we can start with a simple video commercial and add more sophisticated views angels, equipment, and audio as you grow. Don’t hesitate to contact us and start a conversation. We often surprise businesses and agencies alike with our flexibility.

A film project timeline is important.

Media Northeast has multiple professional crews that travel so we’re able to meet tight deadlines for immediate needs. But, if you have more time, we can offer suggestions on reserving top locations, capture ideal lighting, and secure voiceover or actors to polish your project to perfection.

Proper script creation is key to a great video.

Media Northeast will help you write and review your script, so it speaks to your target audience. We give excellent script advice in our video production scriptwriting blog to help you get started.

Find talent and create characters for a video.

Media Northeast works with talent and voice agencies to secure talent and create characters for your film or commercial. Working with professional models and actors/subjects(when we are budget-able) helps the shoot go smoothly. The final product is undeniably better.

Determine the production team and equipment is needed.

Determining the production team and equipment may be decided by the budget, or it often is decided by the property, product, location, or the film’s goal. We’ll put the highest quality camera, audio, and sound or aerial equipment on your job with crew ready to deliver the most professional experience and achieve the best result. Our sound and camera teams have been working together for years, and that experience shows in our final products.

Contact Media Northeast today to get started on your video production planning process. We’re here to help you take a dream web video, product video, brand story video, commercial, or social media to reality. We work with amazing clients, businesses, conferences, and marketing agencies, delivering high-quality films. We travel throughout the US. 

We’re ready to work with you. Let us tell your story with our professional videographers. Contact us today for questions or start the process now.