Tips to Create a Video Production Script

Making professional videos doesn’t have to be hard when you have Media Northeast to help. All marketers and businesses can use video to inform their audience and sell their products or services. But how do you do it really well? Before filming, we’ll review your video script to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Ready to start recording?

Hold on there!

Take the time to revise your script before you shoot is well worth the effort. It’s the BEST thing you can do to put your video in a position to succeed.

Here’s how we review our video scripts before we begin shooting. Check the items off one-by-one:

  • Read your script out loud
    • Ask: Is it conversational? You should write as you talk. Use short, staccato sentences. Like this. And sentence fragments. Use those, too.
    • Ask: Do you use any complicated words and/or confusing phrasing? A great idea is to read your script out loud at 2x speed. Pay attention to any places where you get tripped up or tangled up in the words. Those are the parts you need to rewrite and/or simplify.
  • Use language that creates vivid mental images
    • Read the script to someone while their eyes are closed. Afterward, ask them what images came into their head. If they didn’t have any images—or if they had the wrong images—that’s a sign you need to use more image-producing language.
  • Toss out weak words
    • Reduce adverbs and adjectives. These are generally weak words that don’t have an impact. Just focus on nouns and strong action verbs.
  • Use surprise, pattern-interrupts, and attention resets
    • Anytime it seems like your video script is getting dull, insert something to shake it up —a pause, or an angle change of the camera, or even a question. Something unexpected to keep them watching.
  • Replace generalities with specifics
    • Generalities are forgotten, but specifics are memorable. Consider two sentences:

      Our product saves people about $50 a month.
      Our product saves people an average of $57.99 a month.

      The second , more specific version is actually more memorable.
  • Use rhyme and meter when possible
    • Great infomercials almost sound like a song. They use meter and rhyme. Don’t overdo this technique ( you’re not Dr. Seuss ) but a little bit of musicality in your script can help it to make an impression.

Take the time to get your script right. It’s one of the most important steps in creating an effective video for your business.

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