In-House Video Production vs. Outsourced Videos

Projects done in-house is the DIY option: A company buys video equipment and either hire or assigns the marketing team to be a video production team. They’re company people.

If you outsource, you do the exact opposite: You a video production agency, like Media Northeast, manages video projects for you.

The video production process typically involves:

  • Write a video summary.
  • Complete storyboard and script.
  • Scout a location.
  • Acquire and maintain the equipment. (cameras, lights, mics, audio gear, props, etc.)
  • Pre-production plan and set up.
  • Hire and manage talent.
  • Production (the actual day of filming)
  • Post-production (editing, including animation, motion graphics, and effects)

It’s a lot. In-house and outsourced production both have their pros and cons. Building a video team, you can use talent in-house, draw from a deep understanding of your company brand, and reuse the (though, costly) equipment you purchase. In-house might be cheaper on a per-video basis. But again, it’s a lot of work.

Media Northeast Demo Reel

Outsourcing video production work has significant benefits. You get a partner with a neutral, outside perspective, lots of experience, and a ready-made team. External agencies, like Media Northeast, have a larger, more well-rounded team producing a lot of videos. We know what they’re doing and how to handle time and estimate the budget.

Pros of Outsourcing Video Production

  • An unbiased perspective
  • Expert storytellers
  • Professional subjects
  • Videos designed for specific audiences
  • No need to buy equipment
  • Experience working with a variety of businesses/agencies
  • No need to hire full-time employees
  • No need to distract key marketing employees from their work
  • Experience with special effects, animations, graphics, and audio

Outsourcing Production: When To Do It

Bring in experts is how to go when you’re looking to produce a set number of videos and want high-quality production for all — for example when you have an annual video campaign that needs to drive leads. Also, outsourcing is great for tight timelines. 

Video Types Where Outsourced Production Works Best:

  • Brand films
  • Page One or (Home Page)videos
  • Advertisement videos, TV Commercials
  • High-profile product infomercial videos
  • Customer testimonials for the website
  • Whiteboard or stop-motion videos

Ready to get started? Maine’s best video production team is prepared to help you plan your strategy, shoot on location, and deliver incredible high-quality cinematic films for your next video production. Contact us to get started.