Videography & Cinematography

Differences Between the Two Services

If you are planning to hire a video production company for your business, it is important to understand which kind of expert you are hiring – a videographer or cinematographer?

Hiring the right film professional is often critical to marketing and brand success. The image you want to create of your company to your customers can play a pivotal role in the success of your marketing effort or business.

Both cinematographers and videographers work may involve filming with a camera, but there is a marked difference in the way it is done by a cinematographer verse a videographer.

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Cinematographers are commonly associated with the filming of cinemas or movies. Called the directors of photography, he/she is a professional hired by a movie production to execute the director’s vision.

The cinematographer is responsible for the artistic decisions on lighting, usage of lenses, and cameras for different scenes, exposure, filters, camera movement, zoom, etc.

Using the appropriate technical video equipment is key to capturing the frames perfectly, and to remarkably impact how the audience perceives and connects with the story or presentation. Each decision taken by the artist should align correctly with what the director is trying to convey.

The cinematographer leads a team often consisting of a camera operator, light assistants, and others to translate overall the idea into a film that can capture attention or inspire. Also, cinematographers are not usually involved in the editing and post-production activities.


Videographers— typically–cover, and film events like interviews, weddings, conferences, and other activities. These film experts also document property, products, or processes.

Alone or with a small team, videographers operate the camera, run audio/sound, select the location, capture the event start-to-finish, and also edit the final video production product. A videographer’s focus is on capturing the key moments of an event, and they often do not have control over how events unfold.

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Media Northeast Bridges The Gap Between Services

At Media Northeast, we are videographers who craft cinematic films. We record events to edit into a fine art heirloom wedding film for your family or a spectacular brand story film for your company or business. We tackle that fine line need for both the art and the science — offering a truly professional end product with a guarantee of exceptional service.

Ready to plan your next marketing film project? Connect with us and let us show you the difference we can make on your next video production film together.