Wellness Wheel Workshop With Lindy Grigel

Fal River Health Center Video

Recently, Media Northeast was happy to create an informational video for Fal River Heath Center located in Falmouth, Maine to introduce their Wellness Wheel Workshop.

Lindy Grigel, business owner, established Fal River Health Center, LLC in 2004 to offer Integrative Medicine to the greater Portland community. Her practice has expanded to treat over 1,300 patients across multiple continents. Her practice hosts several speaking engagements per year, including the Wellness Wheel Workshop.

Video Production for workshops

Introducing conference-goers to your workshop is an important step to engage new and future clients and guests early to your process. It is important that your video match the tone of the workshop event. Is your workshop fun, lively or is it practical and informational? Is it rowdy and crazy? Is it healing? Your event video should set expectations early on what to expect. The video script, mood, lighting, music, and editing should also follow suit in both style and content.

Overall, your video should introduce your story, along with your personal “why.” Your video should prepare, if not excite your future event audience. Will your workshop video call your watchers to action to register, learn more, or reserve their spot? It should provide the audience some sort of next step

Videos make great meeting openers and closers. They set the stage, warm up your audience… then call them to action. Media Northeast designs your videos to inspire whatever mood you seek — fun, excitement, unity, pride, desire, belonging, etc. Workshop introduction videos videos will add polish to the event and create anticipation, while affirming the key message.

Introduce you, your story, and your personal “why”

Small businesses, especially health-related fields, benefit greatly from high-quality video production. A great video can introduce you as an approachable, comforting medical expert of your specialty. Studies show, users prefer watching (and trust) informational video content most for learning. Introduce yourself to an audience and invite them to attend your next workshop or event.

Not sure where or how to begin? Media Northeast can help you market your next video conference form start to finish. Contact us for a free consultation.