Studies show that clients, customers & members prefer videos to digest new information

Professional organizations and membership associations benefit from beautifully captured, professionally produced informative or explainer videos for specific agendas, general reports, annual reports, and campaigns. Create informational videos that are memorable and sharable for the team. There is no better way to impress upon your followers that you are an expert.

Media Northeast walks you through all three phases of your video production: Pre-production for planning all the details. Production (or the actual filming) of the project on location. And last, we help you with storytelling in the final editing process. We are here from start to finish and can get you anything extra like a makeup artist or a fantastic aerial shot from a drone. Adding graphics, strategic headlines and messaging with your brand materials, and music/sound to your final video helps create your video’s voice. Making memorable sound bites for important ideas gives your viewers something to remember and repeat about your organization.

Video is the #1 preferred way to digest important information. Consumers and students to learn and retain new content or information via video. Create a class, lesson series or seasonal update for them to look forward to and expect for your team. Add these videos to websites, blog, and social media platforms.

Not sure where to start? That’s where we shine. Media Northeast shows you how to make the most out of your investment in video production.  Let’s start planning your “explainer video” today.

Client Spotlight Video For MEREDA

As a key economic indicator for Maine, the MEREDA Index measures the pulse of the state’s real estate industry. The MEREDA Index is the leading way our industry tracks changes in Maine’s real estate markets. It’s a composite of nine measures reflecting activity in both new development and existing properties, in commercial and residential markets, as well as construction employment.