Like most in-depth projects, estimating the cost of video production can be a tricky thing. We get asked a lot about Maine video production cost, and many want the answer to be a flat rate. The reality is: every project is different. Here are some important ways to help you better understand what alters the cost of a video project and how to get an accurate production estimate.

Video Production Prices are Never Fixed

You aren’t buying a DVD at Walmart or a bag of Doritos – Maine video production is not a commodity. Every video is unique to the company it was created for and this kind of service is going to be customized to your direction, budget and project requirements. Each need is going to have a production cost in materials or service that adds to your project total. You are going to have to have those requirements nailed down in order to get an accurate estimate. Items that affect your cost include:

  • Actors needed
  • Production crew size
  • Experience level of director
  • Visual effects needed
  • Music
  • Location shots
  • Travel expenses
  • Set design
  • Motion graphics
  • Hair, makeup and wardrobe
  • Filming equipment
  • The time spent in writing, planning and editing your video
  • Project Management

Clearly, this isn’t going to be a list you can just make on your own. You are going to need to sit down with a professional who can help you determine project scope and work within your budget. If you are working with a video production company, then most of the tools and experts you need will already be in-house. Freelancers are often cheaper, but are typically unable to work a project from start to finish with a good outcome.

Come Prepared

If you already have a concept, budget and vision, then you are going to be able to get a faster and more accurate cost estimate. Consider how long your video will be once edited, what the video will be used for and what kind of a budget is free for the project. Some of the details, such as production crew size, equipment, locations and getting original music composition, will depend on your vision and budget being nailed down from the start.

 Setting the Budget

Many managers try to withhold budget information from their vendors in order to gain the upper hand in project estimates. However, this can make it very difficult to get the project details nailed down quickly. Typically, the hidden budget route leads to a lot of back and forth before the project is on track. If you are working with a solid and reputable production company, then knowledge of the budget will only help by giving direction and allowing for plenty of options which can greatly increase the production value. We can allocate more time in pre-production for creative ideas, have access to more equipment such as lighting, crew and cameras for example. Maine video production prices are subject to change because the quality or scope of the project can change with a bigger budget — not because you have more money to burn.

Our number one goal is to get you quality video you can be proud of at a price you can feel good about. If you want to work with a production manager on detailing an estimate, contact us today!