Every video project is created with a unique combination of brand, purpose, and audience. Your video project should not lead to a one-size-fits-all result. Focusing your video direction on a single audience, platform and message will increase your impact. Let’s lead you to a higher ROI for your project.

Know Your Audience

Start by considering your buyer personas and who you are going to focus on targeting with your video. Your buyer personas are going to be a big help in determining platform, focus, approach and style in your project. The language, duration, imagery, and mood of your project will be determined by your target consumer group. Don’t shoot for all audiences and end up with a generic project; focus your efforts to maximize your impact on a specifically targeted group.

Consider Context

The sound, message, and style of your video should depend on the context in which it will be used. If you are creating a video to use at a trade show, for example, you will want to forego talking in favor of music and text that is less likely to be drowned out by the event activity. If your video is going to be used to stop shoppers in a store and draw their attention to your display, then you will want a short, looping video with a catchy script.

Choose a Platform

Every platform is different in etiquette, user expectations, and purpose. If you have a serious video targeting your B2B leads, then LinkedIn is probably a better platform than Instagram or Pinterest. Videos for Instagram need to be short and visually grabbing, while Facebook videos should be emotionally charged and longer. Some video platforms will start your video without sound, so the imagery and text used are going to be important for getting an engaged viewer. If you know your desired platform, but aren’t sure about the common video practices there, your Southern Maine video production company may be able to help.

Create Emotional Appeal

Whether your video needs to be funny, sad, striking, inspiring, terrifying or frustrating, evoking emotion is one of the best ways to increase audience attention. Don’t be boring. You can use music, specific voiceovers and imagery to capture an emotion that drives a response from your target viewer. A good Maine corporate video production company will be able to achieve your desired emotion through appropriate video elements.

Consider these points before starting your video production project. You will be better prepared to help your video production company come up with an accurate estimate. If you need help getting an estimate and starting your video production project, please contact us today!