Why does video get better results than images, graphics or text? It’s faster to scan a few lines of text than to sit through a couple of minutes of video, but it is not necessarily how your website visitors or social media users prefer to receive information. Statistics show that video is the king of all content, according to users.

Video Converts Better Than Text, and other Marketing Stats You Should Know

  1. Excellent ROI

    (*Insivia, 2017) Worried about the cost of creating a high-quality video? Know that, 51 percent of marketers around the globe say that video has the best ROI of all content options.

  2. Retention

    (*Insivia, 2017) The time viewers spend watching the video works to your advantage. After watching a short video, viewers retain 95 percent of the information, compared to 10 percent retention when they read it.

  3. Time

    (*Wordstream) When there’s a video on a website, users spend up to 88 percent more time on that website. The text isn’t as attention-grabbing as its video counterpart.

  4. Traffic

    (*Small Biz Trends) Video brings users to your site like nothing else. Businesses with video on their website see 41 percent more traffic from search than those who rely solely on text.

  5. Better SERP Results

    (*Wordstream) Video boosts your website’s ranking on a SERP, or search engine result page. Putting a video on one of your landing pages can improve your chances of showing up on the first page of a SERP by 53 percent.

    Video on your site will increase organic traffic by 157 percent. When your page is among the first options, searchers are far more likely to visit your website.

Types of video production projects great for ad agencies and their clients:

  • Aerial videos of a client’s property or event.
  • Video introduction of brand/story presentation for social media or website.
  • Use commercial video production for TV, YouTube (social media) or other advertising platforms.
  • Process videos with step by step instructions of any system/product.
  • 360-degree views of products.
  • Use video production to explain ad agency processes, client onboarding overview.
  • Staff training, HR policy videos.
  • Video production is great to introduce your/ your client’s corporate culture.
  • Add any/all client videos to YouTube or Vimeo for a boost in backlinks.

Video Stats on Social Media

(*Wordstream) FYI, eighty-two percent of Twitter users watch videos while they’re on the platform, and 45 percent of users watch more than an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube each week. Also according to Wordstream, more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube each day.

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