Having now been in the Portland, Maine, video production wedding business for years, we’ve decided to take these skills to two whole new video production genres, the corporate and business worlds. We’re proud of this decision because after having produced so many wedding videos, we’ve learned one simple lesson. Every single day is special.

Too often life gets ahead of us. We let pass the days which we consider “normal” or “average.” But why should every day not be celebrated? We’ve witnessed individuals go wild during their wedding day and simply living in the moment – living for the moment. We hope to help the corporate and business world utilize that same energy, that same passion of living for the moment, by providing them with high-quality videography.

Maine video production

First, we want to target a specific area – in this case, that area being Maine video production projects. We ensure every client receives the same passion as we brought to each wedding video production project. We want to make it extremely clear that these new avenues are not simply hobbies or experiments. They are to be held to the same high-quality standards as to that of our wedding videography services. We are not settling for “okay” or “passable.”

There are numerous skills that translate well from wedding to corporate videography. For example, wedding video production revolves around revealing the unspoken connections and passion shared between people, whether that be the two being married, the family, or even friends. By using these same skills, we hope to help corporate and business individuals show their inner selves, so as to more easily connect through a video to an audience. After all, an emotional connection is the best way to convert a sale.

For those wondering about how we will succeed in these new genres, know that we have already pursued such projects and have included them in our portfolio. Videos are available. We want people to see our abilities and understand that we are quite serious about making a mark in the Portland, video production market. We are here because our passion for video production demands a new avenue.

If interested in our corporate or business videography, please contact us for more information. We are more than happy to take this discussion off-line.