Grow a social media audience with video quickly

How did our client grow their Instagram following to over 3300 followers in just a year?

The Woods Maine grew their social media following quickly with beautiful, heart-warming posts, consistently colorful images, and engaging video content from Media Northeast. Through short teaser films, The Woods’ campaign Take To The Trees allowed social media visitors to see their luxury tree home come to life — from start to finish. It was amazing to see how many people tuned in to watch the home being built over the period of one Maine summer. Followers felt part of something special and instantly connected to the childhood dream of owning/ staying inside a luxury treehouse.

One of the most engaging and fastest ways to grow your audience on social media is through video. Stats show that video content converts visitors to fans faster than words alone or even images. Adding your organization’s graphics and music also helps to promote your message. Short films help our video production clients quickly connect with new visitors by showing processes creatively and building anticipation for product (or property) launches. Nothing beats a good visual story. More and more, audiences want to see how things are made, companies work, and how ideas start— so let them.

Not sure where to start or what might work for your social media campaign? Contact Media Northeast for great ideas on how to launch a social media video campaign for your business, project, or organization. We are happy to help.

The Woods Maine used our documentary-style, entertaining teaser films to build buzz for their property. See just a few of the teaser films that performed well for their campaign on social media below.

Interior design day teaser film for Media Northeast Video Production client, The Woods Maine.

Quick Tips For Great Teaser Videos on Instagram

  • An Instagram video can only be up to 1-minute in length.
  • Set your video to wide-display to avoid cropping. Look for this frame icon. It will at the bottom left of your video submission after upload. On click, it will pull your video to a wide format.
  • Select a cover image from your video that is engaging and colorful.
  • Be sure that your cover image is dark enough to show the white video icon used by Instagram well. You want Instagrammers to know right away it is a video. This light icon runs in the top right corner of your frame on mobile and desktop versions of the app.
  • Add an enticing comment that suggests the video as “a must-see” film.
  • Include the location, hashtags and tag any groups or affiliates or clients who may enjoy your video.
  • Share your video during appropriate hours for your desired audience.
Take to the Trees campaign interior construction day teaser video for Media Northeast Video Production client, The Woods Maine.
The big reveal for Media Northeast video production client, The Woods Maine.

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