Nelsen Treehouse works on the 7th and final treehouse that they are building at TreeHouse Point – Ananda.
Video production work by Media Northeast.

Video Production Work For Nelsen Treehouse

Fall City, Washington — roughly 25 miles outside of Seattle at TreeHouse Point.

The Ananda Treehouse build is well underway by our friends at TreeHouse Point — a private event center and overnight retreat, owned by Pete Nelson and family. Nelson Treehouse.

A film teaser for a brand is both an art and science

Creating a film teaser for any brand is both an art and a science. Our film crew must think of light, sound, angle, exposure, the subjects involved– let alone the editing and sound work to come later — all in an attempt to capture a tone and mood that aligns people’s trust and emotions with a business’s actual beliefs, culture, and work ethic. Luckily, Nelson Treehouse makes our job look pretty easy. Their experience shines through at all of our on-location shoots. True craftsmanship and commitment to quality are both evident during the build process. Each time Media Northeast films their teams on location, we witness a well-orchestrated machine– hard at work. It’s pretty exceptional, and a hell of a lot of fun to watch. ( See for yourself in the video teaser above. )

Masterful treehouse designers and builders

The Ananda Treehouse is one of the most complex platforms Nelson Treehouse has ever designed and built. It is truly amazing. It’s steel which means it’s super heavy and everything has to be extremely precise. It has been a fun challenge working on this project and we are excited to share a quick peek into the build process so far.

Nelson Treehouse, offers the highest-quality services, supplies, hospitality, and inspiration to help you bring your loftiest treehouse dreams to life. Under the visionary leadership of Pete and Judy Nelson, they’ve achieved international acclaim as masterful treehouse designers and builders.

Watch the build on Instagram: #treehouse #treehousepoint #ananda #adaaccessible #tothetrees#beinatree

Their treehouses inspire the world and recently Media Northeast documented the building of The Woods, Maine in nearby Norway, Maine throughout the Summer of 2019. It was a fantastic creative partnership for filmmakers, owners, and builders alike. Media Northeast also flew to Gatlinburg to document builds there.

This Maine film crew is happy to travel for great video production projects. For your next commercial or corporate video production need, just contact us. We’ll help you plan your project from shoot to final edits.