Maine Video Production Services

Our business is built on our reputation for professionally capturing dozens of video projects and events for over a decade. Our award-winning work is made using some of the finest camera technology available in the market today. What sets us apart is not only our experience and great equipment, but also our approach to shooting and editing. We don’t only capture shots; we tell a story. Take a look at our portfolio to see the care we put into each of our projects.

We offer video production services for a variety of events including weddings, corporate training videos, documentaries and more. Our services include:

  • Logistics: We have experience filming in a wide variety of events and locales that require special planning including videos of motorcross events; rafting and kayaking trips in Maine, Costa Rica & Vietnam; travel videos in Italy and Tahiti and more. Our experience covers a large assortment of challenging video production projects.
  • Copywriting: Our copywriters can translate your ideas into a clear, effective script that holds the attention while telling a compelling story.
  • Shooting: Our talented videographers have more than just a natural eye for capturing shots; they have years of experience and high-quality professional production equipment.
  • Editing: We provide full editing services. We can deliver any editing required from fast-paced action-packed videos to clear and informative training videos.

Professional Video Production Equipment

We shoot projects using some of the best technology of any video production company in Maine, including the Canon XHA1 and the Panasonic AF100 DSLR type camera in HD format. The Panasonic is a big chip camera that offering great image quality. We believe that every one of our clients deserves the best quality videography available; that’s why every project is shot in HD for no additional charge. We’re also the only company in Maine offering the Steadicam Merlin. The Steadicam Merlin allows us to follow the action up and down stairs, indoors and outdoors and through crowds with smooth, seamless shots.