New England Legal Videography Services

Professional legal videographers capture and film legal depositions. At Media Northeast, we service law firms throughout New England with high-quality legal deposition videography. A deposition is a meeting that happens outside of the courtroom during the investigative stage of a trial. During a legal deposition, a witness gives their testimony under oath. A judge often views the footage of the depositions during the trial.

Video depositions capture not only the words of the deponent but the intonation, body language, and facial cues. With our expert team of legal videographers, we’ll film the visuals that bring your case to life, as well as the verbatim responses you need.

Don’t try to video the deposition yourself

If you are attorney or paralegal, don’t try to video the deposition yourself. You have enough to worry about during a deposition. Just like you don’t simultaneously represent your clients and act as a court reporter, you can’t focus on video quality as well as questioning. Instead, leave the task of recording your deposition to Media Northeast. Legal videographers are trained with the skills to use video equipment to provide a/v related services to the litigation industry. They use professional camera and microphone equipment to record testimony and are skilled at eliminating unwanted distractions.

Hire a professional videographer for legal depositions for…

  • Trials in court are recorded by legal videographers. This enables anyone reviewing the trial after its completion to observe the body language and response of all parties involved. It is easy to assess any mistakes during a trial when you have access to video footage of the event. 
  • Evidence that can not be moved or physically displayed during the trial (such as a damaged building or vehicle) is often recorded by a legal videographer to present during the trial.
  • Real Estate Transactions are sometimes recorded by a legal videographer when it involves a large property.
  • Execution of a Will (or the signing of a will which makes it legally binding) is occasionally filmed by a legal videographer.

If you are a New England law firm, looking for reliable film and editing videography for legal depositions, contact Media Northeast.