How Video Production Helps Small Businesses If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what you can say with video. Using video to communicate anything–news, education, or products–is much more effective than still photography. That’s why so many entrepreneurs use videos to draw in business.

Of course, the wrong approach to video can do more harm than good. That’s why it is so important to power your New England enterprise with creative films that really showcase what you are about. Here’s why video is such a great tool for businesses and how yours can go the right direction with video.

Videos Drive Product Interest

Research has shown that videos convince consumers to buy. It’s so much easier to convince someone to take an interest in your product or service when they can actually see it in action.

Imagine a landscaping company that wants to showcase its unique mowing patterns and the beautiful overall look of a finished project. A well-made aerial/drone video can capture countless angles that highlight the site’s total look and leave nothing to the imagination.

Your Investment Pays for Itself

A well-managed business doesn’t make changes just for the sake of making changes. The costs must be justified with corresponding increases in revenue. Business research has shown again and again that good brand videos pay their own way.

Still not convinced that a marketing video can drive sales? Take it from an experienced Maine video production company. With all the analytics you can generate from your online presence, it’s easy to establish a linkage between what customers view in your brand films and what they buy in your store, both online and in person.

Video Makes Your Online Presence Seamless

Statistics show that the average online consumer spends very little time on a website if it does not quickly provide the desired content. Because YouTube is now part of Google, your online videos will tie your social media, video content, and website together.

What does that mean? Sales always result when your would-be customers can access you from one platform and follow you quickly to the point of sale. Quality videos launched through all your accounts will pull those customers in quickly and effectively before your competition has a chance to steal them.

The use of videos to build a customer base is nothing new, and it’s not going anywhere. The sooner you get on board, the more revenue you’ll capture. When you’re ready to look into Maine video production opportunities that will drive revenue to you, contact us to get started on your video production!