How To Identify Your Video Marketing’s Target Customer

Marketing strategies vary. There are a wide variety of opinions on the best way to go about selling your product or service. Throughout all marketing ideology, there is someone above all the rest:

A Target Customer.

While marketers don’t all agree on how to find your target audience, most say to be specific. It can seem like a big task (you need me to shave my customer base down to ONE person?!) but the more specific you get, the more direct your messaging. In video marketing, this is critical to the process of creating your video.

If you have ever watched a video or ad and thought, “That TV commercial seems like it was made just for me!” It might be the colors used, the tone taken, or the way it checked off all the objections that popped up in your head, effective video marketing that makes you feel special is a good indicator that you are that brand’s target customer.

Here are some top tips for identifying your own target customer.

1. Find Out Who’s Buying Now

The simplest indicator of who is interested in your product or service is who is purchasing it now. Look at your customer base as it exists today, and identify key demographics:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Income bracket
  • Education

Understanding your customers as they exist now will help you find commonalities that will lead you to where to focus your attention later.

Or try collecting leads in the form of email addresses, or check out the demographics of your organic followings on sites like Facebook or Instagram. These will give you a heads-up as to where your business should be headed.

2. Evaluate The Lifestyle Of Your Target Customer

Knowing all about who they are and where they live is great, but sales aren’t just about appealing to someone based on their income level. Sales require a deep understanding of human psychology, and part of that is understanding the interests and lifestyles of your target audience.

Ask. Consider contacting a few previous clients and interviewing them about their lifestyle as it relates to your brand. See if you can connect any dots like common motivators, personalities, or objections.

Knowledge of the background of your target audience will help you to create specifically tailored ad or video content.

3. Create A Specific Target Customer

Now that you understand your customer base and what makes them tick, the best thing to do is create a specific, named persona that will help you when making all marketing decisions moving forward.

Now take a look at your own business, those interviews from before, and construct a specific target persona. Moving forward with your video marketing, how can you appeal directly to them? Is it in the style of voice used, or the emotional motivators applied during the video or ad?

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