Ideas for holiday small business videos, recipes for festive success

The 2021 holiday season is fast approaching. It’s challenging for the small business owner, as department stores and retail giants launch multi-million-pound campaigns and Black Friday sales. But if there’s one thing the big players can’t offer, it’s that rewarding feeling that comes from shopping small, local, boutique, and unique. Launching a social media video this holiday season is a great way to give thanks and celebrate your customers this season before you tell them what’s ahead for 2022.

Hershey’s “Holiday Bells” commercial is still a fan favorite. Initially debuted in 1989, it’s simple, memorable, and timeless.

Feel The Good Videos

If your brand defines itself as a feel-good brand — maybe you sell soft, organic materials, positive energy and/or eco-friendly values, etc. all benefit from sharing the holiday spirit by giving people a unique, rewarding experience at the same time. A video with that same sentiment, say for a local gift or food drive may help deliver this message to finish the year well.

Videos of Events That Connect with the Community

If you are in a brick-and-mortar shop, hosting a unique open house just before Black Friday may reward your best clients with a stress-free holiday shopping environment and lend to a beautiful brand video. As well as being personally rewarding and connecting with the community, collaborating with different complementary businesses is a great way to sell products, spread the word and strengthen the brand during the festive season.

Eco-conscious gifting video

With a vision to create high-quality, effortlessly stylish videos is sustainable production and socially positive. All the brand’s products are made from responsibly sourced materials, using green, ethical processes. Finding the feel-good factor in your products, whether it’s the fact that they’re eco-friendly, locally sourced, or handmade, is a rewarding way to enhance their gift-worthiness and bring added delight to your customers and their loved ones.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday humor videos

With a knack for putting a clever spin on things, one business created a Black Friday ‘sail’ campaign in a humorous video of the ever-popular discount day. Inviting people to share the statement, “I’d rather ‘sail’ than shop sales,” they then donated for each re-tweet – preferring to support a charity than succumb to the growing retail trend.

Sparkle with Social Media Videos

Share sparkle through your social media campaigns across Facebook and Twitter, helping boost Christmas sales as well as building long-term customer loyalty.

Holiday #hashtag

Come up with a unique hashtag to target those in search of an extra special gift. Using playful humor and hashtags during the busy gifting season was a great way to stand out and express the confident, sassy character, which gives all its proceeds to projects that help empower disadvantaged women.

Mingle all the way

By monitoring social media discussions with the key influences, you might find you’re able to take part in conversations to turn towards her business. For example, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas is a significant time of year. So not only should brands plan social media activity, but it’s also an excellent chance to explore inspiring promotional videos to engage with customers.

Making “thank you” count

We all love to feel appreciated. And while blanket thank-yous from big companies may miss the meaningful mark, record a personal video message and reward their most loyal and high-value customers with a gift of their choosing.

An advent calendar for all seasons

Your brand might also run an online video advent calendar with a new special offer every day – such as discounts to target different customers. Though based on a Christmas tradition, this is an effective technique for boosting sales of non-festive products as people plan for special occasions in the year ahead.

As a small business, simply by knowing your niche, connecting with customers, and putting some creative energy into your video marketing, you can make sure your brand will stand out and be remembered this holiday season – and beyond.