How to Hire A Drone Pilot

With the fast-growing use of aerial footage in everything from real estate to corporate purposes, you’ve probably thought seriously about using this emerging technology to help with marketing your Maine business — if only you knew where to hire a drone pilot.

So where do you find someone who can capture those powerful perspectives for you? Look for these elements.


The most important thing is to find a pilot who is legally qualified to fly. The FAA regulates the operation of drones for commercial purposes, which means you need to hire someone who carries a Remote Pilot Certificate. Violations of this requirement could lead to fines from the federal government. Before talking about any details with any Maine video production company, make sure their operators hold these vital credentials.


The next thing to think about is video quality. While consumer-quality drones are probably in someone’s home right in your neighborhood, the people who operate them are probably not capable of creating shots that can be used for quality video production.

Video quality is driven by equipment. The inexpensive gear used by the average operator will neither fly nor film the way it needs to. The end product of a cheap setup is shaky footage of poor quality, not the clean, professional look that you want to use to represent your business.

Another important aspect of video quality is navigation. Professional pilots have tracking and navigational tools that will help guide their flights so that they can capture the appropriate footage. This is especially important when the project involves documenting large areas that must be systematically shot. Any gaps or overlaps in the shooting will require additional time that may not be available due to production deadlines or weather.


The final side of the triangle is experience. Even with quality equipment, an inexperienced operator will still fail to provide a quality final product for you, wasting your money and time.

Of course, the best way to determine a Maine video production company’s level of experience is to view a portfolio. Take the time to examine their previous projects. Make sure that what they are putting forth as their best work is what you want to put out there bearing the name of your small business.

Your marketing program is what prospective customers see and hear about you. For your small business to reach its potential, that public image must be the best it can be. If you’re ready to start the video project that will take your company to the next level, contact us today!