My last blog post was on cameras and the importance they play in our Maine Video Production business. First off, I need to get something out in the open. I’m a gear head! I love getting new gadgets, toys, equipment or whatever you want to call it. I can compare getting a new camera to Christmas morning. A toy that I get to play with on the living room floor, flipping through the manual figuring out all the new settings, etc. To some this may sound…well, kind of nerdy. To me this is my life, my work and my biggest hobby rolled into one. I love learning new techniques and nothing makes that more fun than trying new shots with a creative piece of equipment. Many people don’t understand the different tools a video production company uses on a daily bases, to achieve the shots and the look that we do. I want to dedicate the next month or so, writing and demystifying some of the equipment you’ll see us lugging around. Hopefully this will accomplish a few things. First, you’ll know what to expect when you see us in person. Second, educating our clients is our top priority before any shoot we are hired to produce, so hopefully this will help shine some light to any future clients of ours out there, so you’ll know what each tool does and the types of shots it produces. Nothing in our style or production quality comes by accident. We’ve worked hard to gather the toolset and experience that we have, to give you the most creative and stylistic shots possible.

The slider-
I’ll start with a common piece of equipment in our kit that we’ve been filming with for roughly 1.5 years now. Our MYTworks camera slider. This tool allows us to create some movement in an otherwise static framing. When there is movement within the frame, such as people moving about, or some other moving object, we typically don’t use the slider as much since there is already something to catch the viewer’s eye. This is not to say it can’t be a very effective tool for shots with movement within the frame, but this is our basic outlook for this tool.

Here area few examples of how we use this tool in our Maine & Massachusetts video production jobs.