You know that a strong video can generate interest from customers, but you don’t know the first thing about producing a video. While there are many Maine video production companies that you can work with, only those with a customer-centric focus can effectively tell your story in video form. Learn about a customer-focused video approach and how it can help you connect with a new audience through videos.

Working with Maine Video Production Companies: What to Expect

When you work with a video production company, you may expect that you will be working closely with a team of professionals. But you might not know how, or what to expect. Generally, Maine video production companies will:

  • Tell you who they are and how they work – Any reputable company should be able to clearly explain their process, tell you what you will need to provide an estimate of the time frame to completion.
  • Gather information about your company, products, or services to help tell your story – During the planning phase, a video producer will ask questions to gain an understanding of your business and tell an effective story.
  • Plan – Before the video shoot, a production company will spend time planning for a site visit, interview, or another tour. They may outline a video idea or request ideas from you.
  • Video production – The actual production phase, whether shooting on or offsite, will require your time and attention. An experienced video producer should prepare you for what to expect, so you know ahead of time what your role is.
  • Edit the video and deliver it to you – Post production editing occurs off-site; then the company will deliver the video to you. Some may do edits independently; some may incorporate your feedback during this editing process.

Why You Need a Customer-Focused Video Production Company 

The Media Northeast team takes a customer-focused approach to video production, treating every customer as unique because we know that you are. Experience what a difference our customer focus makes from our very first phone call on through video processing and delivery.

Not only do we ask targeted questions to really get to know you, but we take the time to understand your needs during pre-production. We can work according to your ideas, or pitch our own video ideas if you’re stumped on how to effectively tell your story. This leads to a better, and more enjoyable, video shoot.

We are responsive to your needs, and encourage your feedback during the editing and pre-production phases as well. By working closely with you, and incorporating your preferences in all phases, we can create custom-made, unique videos that meet or exceed your needs.

Would you like to learn more about creative, informative videos from Media Northeast? We would be happy to discuss your needs in a new client consultation, so call 207-447-1529 or email [email protected] today to discuss your needs with us.