The Woods Maine | The day walls went up!

For months, we’ve been happily documenting a special project with The Woods Maine in Norway to capture the creation of a luxury treehouse rental being built by Treehouse Master’s builder Pete Nelson.

The video above is when the walls went up! It was very exciting to see the treehouse take shape during the construction. And, the cast/crew have been fantastic to shoot with, of course.

The Woods, Maine is using our video production shorts in throughout their social media. It’s fun to see how many people want to follow a treehouse build. The videos have done well for our client for buzz and reach.

Rob and Samantha Masabny are the owners behind this one-of-a-kind treehouse rental: The Woods Maine. Elevated in a lush canopy, this luxury treehouse will immerse you in western Maine’s fresh mountain air, pristine lakes, and vibrant seasons. They’ve poured their heart into every design detail to create a treehouse that combines the best of rustic and refined.

Interior design for The Woods Maine by Christina Salway.

Follow @thewoodsmaine and stay tuned as we bring you updates from the building site.

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