Commercial Images for The Woods Maine Shop

Recently Media Northeast shot on-location commercial photography work for a new apparel line created by our good friends at The Woods Shop — a local Maine lifestyle brand from the owners of a luxury treehouse rental and Maine vacation attraction, The Woods Maine. The new line is cozy and comfortable, created with intention, and designed to last.

The Woods Maine Seabag

A beloved way of life

Each piece in their shop is a nod to those who know—a token of a beloved way of life that we are proud to call our own. The Maine store has taken off with creative partnerships from two of Maine’s most iconic lifestyle brands — Seabags and CHART Metalworks. We love the hand-drawn apparel — beautifully designed.

Needless to say, our shoot went well. We love producing creative for this team!

Fun fact you can actually see our own Josh Swan on a puzzle on their store! Check this out. Blue shirt, on the back– there he is. Awesome. (Media Northeast create the image for the below puzzle too.)

The  Woods Maine is an original lifestyle brand for thoughtful consumers. Experience a celebration of a place like no other with signature hand-drawn apparel that gives back to local landscapes, and a luxury treehouse made for immersive, extraordinary Maine stays.

Dedicated to the conservation and preservation

And we love this! A portion of every sale supports the Western Foothills Land Trust, dedicated to the conservation and preservation of native ecosystems, farm and forest lands, watersheds, and scenic landscapes for the benefit of wild and human communities in Western Maine.

Take a look at a sampling of images from our location shoot together in Norway, Maine.

Follow The Woods Maine: #thewoodsmaine or follow The Woods Maine Shop. Signature gifts await!

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