With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to think about how to capture the upcoming memories and preserve them for years. Photos may seem appropriate, but they only go so far: one moment, one second, one of countless memories. Video production, on the other hand, sweeps across an event so as to capture movements, speech, the way in which normal communication is conducted. Rather than a freeze-frame, you get a whole scene.

And too often people let slip these moments. They later look back on photos and forget their context, or even forget the people in the photos. This causes confusion about why the photo was taken, what its importance is, and so forth. This basically undermines the whole reason for capturing a memory. But with a video production project, you get the context, the characters, the sounds – a living, breathing moment forever held.

Our mission

Here at Media Northeast, our mission as a Maine video production company is to ensure everyone is capable of capturing their moments. Thanksgiving, Christmas, weddings – these events are finite, and time passes faster than anyone cares to admit. Before you know it, people get older. People grow up. People move away. Friends become acquaintances. It’s our mission to capture the good times and allow everyone to cherish them for long after they happen.

Plus, with our professional staff and top-of-the-line equipment, we make it easy to remember. The quality of our film, the way in which we shoot, the professional techniques we use, it’s a matter of making it our passion to produce the best possible video for your needs. It’s that simple: we work wonders in such a way as to make sure the special times remain forever special. No forgetting. No foregoing film for photo.

When it comes to creating a visual embodiment of an event, no other Maine video production company creates stunning products as Media Northeast. Our years of experience blend seamlessly with our personable, professional staff so as to create a video that truly captures you, your family, and your friends. Furthermore, we’ve worked in all kinds of environments, from noisy to nearly silent, and every time we bring forward a final product that amazes as much as it mystifies.

If you’re interested in taking an important step toward keeping memories for many years – or even generations – to come, please contact us today. We’re the perfect Maine video production company for your holiday needs.