Clothing Brand Produces Video In Maine

Men’s clothing brand Bonobos took to the streets of Bath, Maine for their America’s Fit campaign this summer. Media Northeast’s team brought this brand story to life through aerial drone video work and our professional video production team.

Bonobos, a New York-based men’s clothing brand, started because its owners couldn’t find pants that fit.  It is now the largest clothing brand ever built on the web in the US. They’ve also expanded their playbook to shirts and suits. (We love their line.)

Bath, Maine Man Filmed For Bonobos Campaign

Our subject on the day: Brandon Sewall, personal development consultant, kelp farmer, and fifth-generation resident of Bath, Maine. See Brandan’s Bonobos clothing picks and his campaign page with our Maine video production work at Brandon Sewall.

Media Northeast’s Insta Teaser Film

Brand Story With Video Production In Maine

Media Northeast’s Maine film work for Bonobos is now playing on their website at pages: America’s Fit Story and at Brandon Sewall.

America’s Fit Campaign (Premise by Bonobos)
We traveled all over the country in search of men who are finding their fit in the world. We wanted to find stories that made us think, that inspired us, and that would make us want to learn more. Up North, we hung out with a wellness expert with a 25-acre kelp farm that helps filter the oceans. On the West Coast, we found a chef who is making waves with a wildly popular Japanese sandwich shop. In Colorado, we watched a paraplegic athlete scale a rock-climbing wall like it was nothing. All of these stories are unique, but have one thing in common: they’re about finding a fit in the world. And there’s plenty more to share, so keep an eye out.

See more style at @Bonobos.

Storytelling Through Film

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