Watch Risbara Bros Construction Co., Inc., a 50-year-old Maine family business, celebrate their family legacy and story through a beautiful brand story video.

Videos for Maine Small Business

Watch Risbara Bros Construction Co., Inc., a 50-year-old Maine family business, celebrate their legacy and story through a beautiful company anniversary video (above). Media Northeast helps businesses tell their story through video production. For this small business, we created a sharable video piece by blending personal employee interviews, family memories, and historical photos of the business. Adding the construction’s company’s messaging, brand, and subtle background music tied the final promotional piece together perfectly.

Like Risbara Bros’ work, their business video was built with quality and care from the ground up — on a strong foundation. A company’s own people often just say it best. The video is simple, easily relatable to an audience and, in the end, it is a historical record of family history. We simply love it!

Often, small businesses think they can’t create a beautiful commercial video without hiring a large crew, for multiple locations, and finding fast-paced viral content. Think again. Media Northeast offers a variety of services and can be your one-stop shop for video production, but we also love doing small video projects too. Let our team help you plan the right video production piece to fit your professional services.

Your final film is custom edited and works great for your professional website, social media, and client/staff promotional kits. If you’re ready to start a project with videos (and photos) for your next campaign, contact us for a roadmap. We’re happy to help.

Tips for small business commercials or teaser films

  • Keep it simple. Create an easily read strong campaign message.
  • Don’t try to do too much in one short video or film.
  • Adding photos is excellent, but be sure that each support one product/service, message, or meaning.
  • Incorporate your company’s own brand assets like logo, fonts, images keywords, and message.
  • Don’t explain everything. Trust your audience to read between the lines.
  • Keep the story moving. We should “get” or “feel” it fast.
  • Adding music that matches the desired tone and mood of the commercial, without being too distracting from the visuals, is always lovely.

What to include in a small business video

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Company Logo
  • Headlines in brand fonts, colors
  • Music