Best videos ideas for small business

With the popularity of social media platforms, there is an endless need for high-quality video content to influence, entertain, and inform your clients and customers about your offers, products, and services. Content marketing and video creation have become vital to an organization’s success and have brought on a tidal wave of operational challenges.

small business video

16 videos to produce, create and share for business

Here’s a helpful list of 16 videos to produce, create and share with your audience to celebrate your brand, staff, and company culture on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.

Video #1 – Brand video (company mission, why, etc.)

Video #2 – Meet our team

Video #3 – Product demo / explainer

Video #4 – Service demo / explainer

Video #5 – Sales demo presentation

Video #6 – TV or Web Commercials (short, funny, inspiring)

Video #7 – Snack-able content (or FAQs)

Video #8 – Weekly tip videos (educate)

Video #9 – Webinar / podcast

Video #10 – Customer stories

Video #11 – User-generated content

Video #12 – Project videos, demo reels, before afters

Video #13 – Training, help videos

Video #14 – Company culture, recruiting video

Video #15 – Employee spotlight video

Video #16 – Company annual party video

DIY or hire a video professional?

You can either DIY these videos or (save money and time) hire a professional video production company, like Media Northeast, to help produce and edit these films. When done right, you’ll create a library of facility and personnel shots that can last for your business for years into the future.

A professional video production company, like Media Northeast, can save you time and money in the long run while providing you a better and more valuable set of videos for your marketing library. We work directly with companies to deliver marketing and advertising video production that transports viewers, grabs their attention, and helps you where it matters most – proving return on investment.

Just pick one video to execute

Please take one of the ideas above and carry it out to completion. While it may seem like uncharted territory, you might be surprised at how fun and simple these videos are to carry out, and you’ll be even more surprised at the reaction of your audience.

And if you enjoyed these ideas and want to learn more about using video and film to increase engagement and sales for your business, then contact Media Northeast to start planning your video marketing campaign.