The Benefits of Using Drone Video for Your Next Marketing Campaign

A strong marketing campaign inspires excitement about your business. You want a tool that gets potential customers to pay attention. Marketing with video offers a way to highlight both your business and creativity. Our Maine video production company works with small businesses to create effective, memorable campaigns.

Aerial Video and Modern Marketing

You may have noticed that more commercials are incorporating shots taken from the air. This kind of videography used to involve expensive equipment like cranes, planes, or helicopters. Today, remote-controlled drones have made it easier than ever to take video from above. This footage creates a different sense of space than ground-level footage.

Dramatic Views and Scenery

As a New England film company, we love incorporating the natural beauty of the region into our work. A camera flying by brightly-colored leaves or following a twisting river helps establish the wild feel of the area. That same camera can hover around Main Street and help customers put your business into context. These types of shots establish a rustic, New England atmosphere.

Expansive Images

Videography from the air is a powerful tool for giving people a better feel for a piece of property. Realtors can use this technique to let buyers see how a home sits in its surroundings. They can more clearly understand aspects of the property like the distance from neighbors and other geographic features.

Placing this sort of video on a website gives people in the market for a new home a resource for making an informed decision. Seeing the extent of the property from the air can help them rule out some homes and increase the motivation to take a serious look at others.

An Engaging Medium

Marketing with video is already more engaging than using still pictures. Combining ground-level footage with aerial video keeps viewers interested. It is well-established that people have shorter attention spans than in previous generations. By changing the point of view, your customers are more likely to keep watching.

Drone video also lets you add direction to your marketing campaign. A sense of forward motion draws viewers toward the screen. If their eyes are on your marketing efforts, they are more likely to convert into a successful sale.

Choosing a Maine Video Production Company for Your Business

Effective marketing is not a do-it-yourself project. Our New England film company has the equipment and experience to produce successful marketing products for local businesses. Are you ready to get your video production or marketing project off the ground? Contact us to get your film or video production started today!