Maine Wedding Video

Maine Wedding Videographer

Are you looking for a Maine wedding videographer?

At Media Northeast, we know how important it is for you to have the perfect record of your wedding day without it breaking the bank and without the videographer getting in your way. We’ve shot wedding videos all over Maine and throughout New England for over ten years and we distinguish ourselves from the competition by working with our clients to make sure that we not only perfectly capture their special day, but we know how to do it discreetly and professionally.

We use some of the best high-definition video equipment on the market today, including the Steadicam Merlin camera stabilizer so your wedding video won’t have the shaky shots that are all-too common in amateur video shoots. We know that many venues have low lighting, or that the lighting can shift dramatically in seconds as a camera follows a couple on the go. Whatever the environment presents, Media Northeast is prepared with professional lighting equipment and the skill and experience to capture smooth, seamless, steady footage.

We may have high-grade video equipment and over ten years of experience, but it’s our commitment to quality service that really sets us apart. We provide personable, attentive customer service and we have a unique editing style of crafting footage into a story. Check out our Maine wedding videos!

Unique Editing Style

With Media Northeast, you get a finished product that you can’t get from just any video production company with high quality equipment. We don’t simply capture the key moments; we tell the story of your wedding day in a way that is engaging and entertaining. Our clients repeatedly tell us that the video we shot and crafted for them is their favorite keepsake. It captures the sights, sounds and feeling of their day in a high quality format that they are proud to share with friends and family.

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