Ever wish you could capture a scene from above? Like, way above. Somewhere high enough up from the ground that even just a still photo sets butterflies soaring in a viewer’s stomach. Unfortunately, not everyone has a hexacopter hanging around ready for them to soar off into the clouds, and even if they did, capturing Video and photography from an attached GoPro setup in high-altitude conditions isn’t easy.

But that’s what we do: aerial video and photography is one of our specialties, and our professional team eagerly awaits the opportunity to capture scenes from high above.

Media Northeast is based out of southern Maine and known for Maine aerial videography and photography, but we cover all other New England states – and we love to travel.

If you’re looking for a creative element in your next project, aerial footage is a sure way to add the wow factor to impress your target audience.

Why Aerial Photography or Videography:

Sometimes the best way to capture a scene is to see it in all of its glory. For example, understanding the grandiose scale of an outdoor festival happens best from above, for a single photo can show the span of people. Or, a sport event like whitewater rafting captured from above lends context to the scene, as it shows what came before the current moment and what comes next.

Contact us today to see if aerial photography or videography is appropriate for you. We’re more than happy to discuss options, to ensure you get the most appropriate shot of your scene.

Aerial video and photography is one of our specialties at Media Northeast, and our professional team eagerly awaits the opportunity to capture high altitude content.

Who We Help:

Whether you’re a city in need of aerial photography for promotional material, a corporate company looking for aerial videography of their campus grounds – we’re here to capture shots from such great heights.