Going Above & Beyond

Media Northeast is a FAA licensed drone team. We capture creative aerial shots for films, commercials, promotional videos weddings and movies. Our new aerial rig is used in capturing dynamic, high-end content. Need a commercial building or roof inspected? Avoid dangerous power lines, construction sites and real estate properties. Let us fly over safely!Applications are endless so whether there’s an artistic need or a practical one, let us take to the sky for your next project. Media Northeast is a southern Maine based video production company specializing in Maine aerial videography and photography and beyond.

If you’re looking for a creative element in your next project, aerial footage is a sure way to add the wow factor to impress your target audience.

Why Aerial Photography or Videography:

The best way to capture a scene is often from high above. The grandiose scale of an outdoor festival looks best from above. And a wide angle photo can better show the throngs of people who attend. A sporting event, like whitewater rafting, gets even more exciting from above as watchers truly get the context to the scene, what came before and what comes next.

Contact us today to see if aerial photography or videography is appropriate for you. We’re happy to discuss options, realities and ensure you get the most appropriate shot of your scene.

Aerial video and photography is one of our specialties at Media Northeast, and our professional team eagerly awaits the opportunity to capture high altitude content.

Who We Help:

Whether you’re a city in need of aerial photography for promotional material, a corporate company looking for aerial videography of their campus grounds – we’re here to capture shots from great heights.