At Media Northeast, we love shooting weddings. We love creating a high-quality, irreplaceable record of your wedding day that you will be able to save in a digital format so that you’ll be able to view it over and over again.

There is no single way to shoot a wedding because, to truly make it yours, it needs to capture the moments that are most special to you and that is never the same with every couple. We have professional grade video equipment and a passion for creating amazing wedding videos, but what really sets us apart is our experience. Through over ten years of shooting weddings, we know that one of the most important ingredients to a high-quality wedding video is the relationship between the videographer and the wedding couple. We spend time getting to know you and it shows in our videos.

Our clients not only appreciate how we capture and edit the highlights of their wedding, but also how we catch the little moments that are often missed or overlooked.

Here’s a list of some great wedding highlights that should definitely be captured:

  • the bride and bridesmaids getting ready (checking their hair, applying makeup, assisting one another)
  • the exterior of the wedding location
  • the wedding party’s arrival
  • the ceremony from beginning to end (preferably with more than one camera)
  • close-ups of guest reactions
  • guests entering the reception
  • special dances at the reception (first dance, mother & groom, father & bride, etc)
  • toasts & speeches
  • cake cutting
  • garter toss
  • guest interviews
  • close up shots of the decoration details

And, while we’re at it, here are some tips of what NOT to record:

  • Pretty much anything that is not appropriate for a general audience: While sometimes something might seem funny in the moment, wedding videos can last forever and be shown to multiple family members and children.
  • Don’t shoot people eating: it’s rather invasive and is usually not how someone wants to be caught on tape.
  • Drunk guests: Again, this may be embarrassing to the individual, the married couple or other guests.

We perform wedding videography primarily throughout Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and the surrounding New England area. We also love to travel though, so no matter where your wedding is located, contact us if you’d like to find out more about what we do.