Video Production

Video on Social Media is What Users Want

Users Want Video on Social Media Media Northeast is a video production company based in Maine helping our clients plan video strategies across the various web and social media platforms. We create engaging, targeted, shareable content with our clients. Statistics show users want video. Statistics prove video production projects have a powerful effect on […]

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Maine video planning

3 Tips for gathering a Maine Video production estimate

We know that the pricing part of gathering an estimate from a Maine video production company can be frustrating. There are a lot of unknowns that lead to confusion about cost and many clients just want a flat number they can work with. However, in order to get a very customized […]

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Maine corporate videography

How Much Will Professional Video Production Cost?

Like most in-depth projects, estimating the cost of video production can be a tricky thing. We get asked a lot about Maine video production cost, and many want the answer to be a flat rate. The reality is: every project is different. Here are some important ways to help you better understand what […]

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