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Media Northeast offers drone inspection services. As an FAA licensed drone team, we are capable of a variety of applications ranging from drone agriculture inspections to roof inspections. We use our drones to capture highly detailed investigations of cell towers, wind turbines, and more. Drone inspections are proven to be a safer alternative for staff while being a more cost-efficient way to complete area reviews, to boot. Flight times depend on your needs. Not sure how or where to start? Contact us. We’ll walk you through your project with your team.

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Media Northeast is capable of a multitude of aerial inspections using high powered drones like:

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  • Drone Roof Inspection & Measurements

  • Drone Power Line Inspection

  • Drone Construction/Structure Analysis

  • Drone Storm Damage Assessment

  • Drone Search and Rescue

  • Drone Agriculture Inspection

  • Drone Bridge Inspection

  • Drone Cell Tower Inspection

  • Drone Wind Turbine Inspection

  • Drone Solar Panel Inspection

  • Drone Area & Forestry Inspections

  • Drone Coastline Inspections

  • Event/Festival Inspections

  • Environmental Inspections