We know that the pricing part of gathering an estimate from a Maine video production company can be frustrating. There are a lot of unknowns that lead to confusion about cost and many clients just want a flat number they can work with. However, in order to get a very customized project for your company, we have to know a lot of details that are going to affect cost. Here are three things you can do to make the estimation faster and more accurate.


You might feel a first impulse to hold onto your budget in secret, but this is only going to slow down the process. We aren’t going to shortchange you. The reality is, with more money, you get a better end result. We might be able to complete your video for a cost that comes in under your budget, but if we know we have a higher budget to work with, then we can offer you custom music, extra equipment for a better picture or more experienced actors that could really bring shots to life. We are going to do our best no matter what budget we are working with, but you really do get what you pay for.

Plus, having a higher budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend it all on one project. We want to help you get the best your money can buy at the lowest cost to you. Any good video production company in Southern Maine is going to only use your budget as a tool to explore better project options.


If you already have ideas about what you want to produce, then the brainstorming process will be just that much faster. The more you know, the more we don’t have to guess. If you are comfortable with the creative end of production, spend time coming up with a direction for your Maine video production project. This could include script, location, details about your project and more.


Detail who is going to see this video and where you want to display it. TV ads, for example, are a whole different animal than an Instagram short or a YouTube instructional video. You know your audience and you know the purpose of your project, so try to nail down what this video is being made for specifically. Every platform is going to require different levels of quality, length, style and more.

Cost saving tips are not only going to save you time, they are going to save you money. If you can clearly communicate what you want, we don’t have to guess and continually go back to the drawing board. If you would like to talk to someone about getting a video production estimate, please call us today.

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